From Puerto Rico to Cooperstown*

Edgar Martinez

With the induction of Edgar Martinez and Lee Smith, fifty four  persons have seen action in Puerto Rico as players, managers or commentators, and are members of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. 

Established in 1938, the Liga de Béisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico, has played an important role in the development of many who shined in the Big Leagues and subsequently were inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Some of them, because of the color of their skin, did not have that opportunity to play in the big leagues, but their performance in the Negro and Caribbean Leagues were not unnoticed.  Others began their managerial career in Puerto Rico and were outstanding skippers in the Major Leagues.  That´s not the case of Rogers Hornsby, who was inducted in 1942, and came to the Island in 1950 after he managed several teams, among them, the 1925 World Series champions, St. Louis Cardinals. 

Negro Leaguer Oscar Charleston, umpired in Puerto Rico, as well as Nestor Chyalk and Doug Harvey.  Buck Cannel, Felo Ramírez and Yankee legend, Phil Rizutto, were radio commentators.  On the other hand, hilarious Bob Uecker, played with Arecibo.

By team, Santurce has the most with 20 players followed by Caguas (14), San Juan (10), Ponce (9), Mayagüez (5), Bayamón (3), Arecibo (2), Humacao (2), Aguadilla (2) and Guayama (1).

  1. Rogers Hornsby (Ponce/Manager)-1942
  2. Roy Campanella (Caguas, Santurce & San Juan)-1969
  3. Satchel Paige (Guayama & Santurce)-1971
  4. Sandy Koufax (Caguas)-1972
  5. Joshua Gibson (Santurce)-1972
  6. Buck Leonard (Mayagüez)-1972
  7. Monte Irvin (San Juan)-1973
  8. Roberto Clemente (Santurce, Caguas & San Juan)-1973
  9. Oscar Charleston-1976[1]
  10. Willie Mays (Santurce)-1979
  11. Bob Gibson (Santurce)-1981
  12. Hank Aaron (Caguas)-1982
  13. Frank Robinson (Ponce-Santurce/Manager)-1982
  14. Buck Canel-1985 (Ford C. Frick)[2]
  15. Ray Dandridge (Santurce)-1987
  16. Johnny Bench (San Juan)-1989
  17. Jim Palmer (Santurce)-1990
  18. Ferguson Jenkins (Caguas)-1991
  19. Reggie Jackson (Santurce)-1993
  20. Steve Carlton (Ponce)-1994
  21. Phil Rizzutto-1994[3]
  22. Leon Day (Aguadilla & Santurce)-1995
  23. Mike Schmidt (Caguas)-1995
  24. Earl Weaver (Santurce/Manager)-1996
  25. Jim Bunning (Caguas/Manager)-1996
  26. Tom Lasorda (Mayagüez, Santurce & Caguas)-1997
  27. Phil Niekro (Arecibo & Mayagüez)-1997
  28. Willie Wells (Aguadilla)-1997
  29. Larry Doby (San Juan)-1998
  30. Orlando Cepeda (Santurce)-1999
  31. Robin Yount (Santurce)-1999
  32. Nestor Chyalk-1999[4]
  33. Tony Pérez (Santurce)-2000
  34. Sparky Anderson (San Juan/Manager)-2000
  35. Hilton Smith (Ponce)-2001
  36. Felo Ramírez-2001 (Ford C. Frick)[5]
  37. Eddie Murray (Caguas)-2002
  38. Gary Carter (Caguas)-2002
  39. Bob Uecker (Arecibo) 2003 (Ford C. Frick)[6]
  40. Wade Boggs (Bayamón) -2005
  41. Willard Brown (Humacao/Arecibo & Santurce)-2006
  42. Raymond Brown (San Juan, Santurce & Ponce)-2006
  43. Judd Wilson (Humacao)-2006
  44. Cal Ripken Jr. (Caguas)-2007
  45. Tony Gwynn (Bayamón & San Juan)-2007
  46. Rich Goosage (Ponce)-2008
  47. Ricky Henderson (Ponce)-2009
  48. Doug Harvey-2010[7]
  49. Roberto Alomar (Caguas, Ponce, San Juan & Santurce)-2011
  50. Iván Rodríguez-(Caguas, Bayamón & Mayagüez)-2017
  51. Jack Morris-(Mayagüez)-2018
  52. Jim Thome-(Ponce)-2018
  53. Edgar Martinez (San Juan)-2019
  54. Lee Smith (Santurce)-2019


[1] Umpire 1946-47

[2] Radio commentator

[3] Radio commentator

[4] Umpire

[5] Radio commentator

[6] Played with Arecibo

[7] Umpire

*Originally published on July 2017 and revised on July 2019.

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